Top 10 Most Reliable Vending Machines to Buy

Finding the Most Reliable Vending Machines base on Businesses that sell food and other things have been using vending machines for a long time. In 1883, Percival Everett made the first modern vending machine. It gave out notes. Since then, different types of vending machines have been used in different areas. This piece will also show readers one of the best brands of vending machine.

Vending machines are being used more and more around the world because they have new and interesting features. A new report by Allied Market Research says that the global market for vending machines was worth 18.28 billion USD in 2019, and it will be worth 25.25 billion USD by 2025.

Most reliable vending machines to buy
Most reliable vending machines to buy

People want to know about the best vending machine makers and manufacturers, especially those who use the Internet of Things (IoT) and other technologies in their machines.

Top 10 Most Reliable Vending Machines to Buy

In short, the number of businesses that depend on vending machines is growing at a rate of 6.7% per year. This includes restaurants, beverage shops, office buildings, retail stores, and tobacco products.

So, here is a list of the best vending machine companies, with all the information you need.

Here we go:

List of Top 10 Most Reliable Vending Machines to Buy

1. Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric, also known as Fuji Electric Global, is one of the best vending machine companies in Japan. It has a world network that sends supplies to vending machines in places like America, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Also, it’s easy to find glass doors and classic Fuji Electric coin-operated, cigarette, mask, automated, and soda machines at airports, institutes, and concerts.

Here are the most important things about vending machines made by Fuji:

Origin: Japan

Saving energy: If the rise in energy prices is giving you nightmares, try Fuji vending machines. Among the different types of vending machines, the ones that save energy by using hybrid heat pumps and LED lights stand out.

DC Motor Mechanism: To keep coins from getting stuck in vending machines, Fuji gives them a DC motor with a smart feature. It has a built-in sold-out sensor to keep vending machines from getting stuck.

Three-Row Rack: It doesn’t matter if you want to store bigger things in your vending machine or if you want to freeze bigger things. The Fuji three-row rack can make things easier for you.

Versions of Fuji Electric that are known for selling
Here are both old and new items made by Fuji Electric:

Fuji Electric Face Mask Vending Models — FGG1XXMCY8

Machines with a glass front and many uses — NAGOMI

Electric Bill Validator — FGB Series

Coin Machines — FGC Series

2. AMS Vending Machines

Automated Merchandising Systems, also known as AMS Vending Machines, is another well-known company that makes vending machines. Roy Steeley started this vending machine business in 1997, and it is now doing very well in South America and Mexico. So, if you want modern vending machines that sell milk, snacks, healthy combos, and sandwiches, you should think about AWS.

Below, we talk about some of the more complicated features of AWS Vending Machines:

Origin: United States

Highly Secure Mobile Payments: This vending machine lets people pay for things without cash and in a very safe way. With Sensit® Patented, you can’t pay with a debit or credit card, but you can make quick deposits using Google Pay, PayPal, or Apple Pay.

Anti-Theft Device: It is a great anti-theft vending machine name because it has anti-theft side panels and a Lexan front. You can put these tools anywhere without worrying about safety.

Easy to change: Most of the time, AMS sellers will change the vending machine without charging extra, or they will charge a small fee. It means that you can change the way AMS vending machines work without worrying about the cost.

Famous Variations of the Brand AMS Vending Machine

Here are the different types of AMS vending machines that are most popular:

AMS Vending Machine Models for Snacks — AMS Outsider Snack, AMS 35–632, AMS 35–632 w/ Chiller and AMS 39–640 w/ Chiller

Combo AMS Vending Machine Models, including the AMS 35-VCF, AMS Visi-Combo Outsider, and AMS 39-VCF Visi-Combo.

AMS Coffee Vending Machines — MicroVend


GLORY is another vending machine company based in Japan that has been around since 1918. Even though this company started out as a business that fixed light bulbs, in 1950 and 1958, it made Japan’s first coin counter and vending machine. Since then, GLORY has kept the vending world running smoothly.

Here are some of the most important things about GLORY vending machines:

Origin: Japan

Identification Technologies: GLORY uses the most advanced technologies for figuring out who owns a piece of money. Yes, it can tell the difference between bills, coins, and even people.

Partnerships with Other Vending Brands: This vending machine makes deals with well-known brands from around the world and in the United States. GLORY also makes most of the tools used by AMS.

Used Vending Machines: If you want to buy used vending machines but don’t have enough money, GLORY can help. Yes, the company’s website shows used vending machines for less money.

Here are some different kinds of GLORY vending machines:

Vending machines for coffee and combos: Coffetek Neo, Seaga Compact, and Melodia Combi

Bevmax Media 2, Evolution SZ38, and Seaga Healthy ADA Compliant 29 Drink Machines

Machines that sell frozen food and snacks: Evolution SZ38, AMS Slim Gem, and Selectivend ADA Compliant BCM26

Automatic Products 111, STANDARD MC100 BILL CHANGER Used Vending Machines

and Melodia Combi Vending

4. Royal Vendors

An American vending machine brand with a good name and It is one of the most well-known types of cold vending machines. The company Royal Vendors, which also goes by the names “Royal” and “Royal Vending,” was started in 1988 and is based in Missouri. This vending machine company is also known for making high-quality machines. They also offer repair, remanufacturing, and upkeep services.

Royal Vendors

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should use Royal vending machines:

Origin: United States

Energy Star: This vending business is part of the US government’s Energy Star programme. The goal of this programme is to reduce energy use and make tools that work well.

Royal also guarantees that products will be delivered in just 2 seconds. This part of Royal vending machines stops customers from making comments as well.

Advanced Features: This vending machine name offers advanced features like digital displays, fingerprint transactions, shelf removals, and much more.

Royal Vendors Machine Models

Royal RVV-500, Royal 284, Royal 650, and Royal 552 are the most popular types of Royal vending machines.

5. Vendo

If you want good types of drinks from vending machines, you should choose Vendo. This provider is based in Dallas and has been around since 1937. But this vending company became well-known after World War II, when it gave 5,000 vending machines to military camps. It is also called SandenVendo these days.

Here are some of the best things about Vendo units:

Origin: United States

Displays on vending machines are very creative, especially if you want to put them in places where you sell drinks.

It has a very large production line and has already made 500,000 vending machines.

Eco-friendly: This brand is a part of Carbon Neutral projects and works for reasons that are good for the environment.

Vendo Vending Equipment

The famous vending units of Vendo are Vendo 511, Vendo 840, Vendo 540, Vendo 720, Vendo V-621, Vendo V-721 and Vendo Vue 40.

6. Dixie Narco

Crane Merchandising Systems runs the Dixie-Narco brand of soda machines, which is a big one. Yes, Crane Holdings is the owner of this 1967-founded vending machine name. It sends vending machines and parts to all parts of the world.

Here are some of the main things about Dixie Narco:

Origin: United States

Self-Service Solutions: It is made with self-service solutions, such as marketing technologies, vending software, and many other features.

Advanced Features: TouchScreen, seamless payments, and the ability to use both coins and dollar bills are all benefits of using Dixie Narco machines.

Top Dixie Narco Vending Machines

This brand’s most well-known vending machines are the Dixie Narco 2145 Bev Max, Dixie Narco 276 E, Dixie Narco 3561 Baby Bev Max, Dixie Narco 3800 BevMax 4, Dixie Narco 600 E, and Dixie Narco 501 E.

7. Haloo

If you want to get what you need from a vending machine in a smart and inexpensive way, Haloo Vending is the best choice. This is basically a company in China that makes vending machines, and you can just get in touch with them to find out more about shipping, etc.

Here are some of the most important reasons to use Haloo Vending:

Origin: China

OEM or ODM Service: It offers options for the original equipment, including maintenance, replacement parts, and services that are tailored to the customer’s needs.

Software & Hardware: This company builds vending machines with the best hardware and runs them with the best software.

Haloo Vending Machines

On the Haloo Vending website, you can find different ways to sell cupcakes, ice cream, hot food, drinks, and adult products.

8. GPL

Glasco Polyvend Another good name on our list is Lektrovend, which is also known as GPL. Crane is also in charge of this other business. In fact, this vending machine company was bought by Crane in 1997.

The things that make GPL units appealing are:

Handy: Most of the time, these machines take up less space than other types. Their size and form can be changed in this way.

Programmable Coffee Maker: If you want a coffee machine for your business that can be set up to make a unique brew and bowl, choose GPL 674.

Best GPL Vending Machines Variants

GPL 159, GPL 160, GPL 171, GPL 172, and GPL 674 are the best models to buy if you want to store snacks and coffee and keep them cool.

9. U-Select-It (USI) — Reliable Vending Machines Brand

U-Select-It is a big name on the market. People often call it a USI vending machine, which is another name for it. This vending machine brand was first started by Wittern Group in 1931. Since then, USI has given business, retail, and the food industry with high-quality vending machines.

Here are some of the things that make USI vending machines appealing:

Origin: United States

Payment System: USI offers regular support for bill and coin mech validators, but using this brand makes it easy to use the Greenlight Cashless Payment System. Here, buyers can pay with credit or debit cards through their mobile wallets. Its Evoke series also has the ‘PayRange’ payment feature, but right now it only works in the US.

Modern Interface: The Evoke line has a very smooth and attractive interface. In fact, USI’s Evoke Series does have the iCart Touch Screen feature. Customers don’t find a big screen to choose goods on this feature, but it does tell them how many calories food has and how to get items quickly. By the way, it also gives people with disabilities audio tools to help them.

Secure and safe: USI’s security features change from product to product, but their rain guards, anti-pry features, and Lexan window covers make their outdoor products very safe and secure. It uses iVend Delivery Sensors to cut down on the number of missells. USI vending machines are also more safe because they have door buttons, heated glass, and UVend technology.

inDEX Product Management – This brand of vending machine gives its owners the inDEX product management system, which helps them keep track of their stock better.

The USI Vending Machine Brand’s Goods

Here are some examples of different types of vending machines:

Ambient Snack USI Vending Machines: Evoke 6, Evoke 5, Mercato 5000, Mercato 4000, and Mercato 3000.

For Food and Beverage Combo — Evoke Outdoor, Evoke Elevator, Evoke ST5, Evoke VT5, Evoke ST3, and Evoke VT3.

The Alpine Combi 3000 and the Alpine ST5000 Outdoor are machines for frozen food and drinks.

USI Hot Coffee Vending Machine by Evoke Coffee

Evoke Series 10 and Evoke Cold Beverage 5W Elevator are two types of cold drink vending machines.

10. Crane National — Durable Vending Machines Brand

Crane National is also thought to be one of the best vending machine names because it is backed by the strong Crane Merchandising Systems. This company that makes automatic vending machines got its start in 1926 as the “National Sales Machine Company.” This brand name is now used for both Crane and Crane National vending machines.

The most important things about Crane National Vending Machines are:

Origin: United States

CPI: Crane Payments Innovations (CPI) is the important technology that comes together with Crane Payment Solutions. With the help of CPI, owners of Crane National vending machines can link them to different retail tools and payment methods.

Vending Software: Crane also offers vending software that can be used to manage vending machines. SimpliVend, VendMax, and Simplifi Mobile are three of Crane’s most popular software options in this area.

Touchpad Interface: The newer and more advanced models of Crane National have touchpad interfaces that are easy to use. These digital touchpads with big screens are easy to use.

Easy to change: If you want a vending machine that is completely unique to you, all you have to do is go to the CPI website and choose “Self-Service Solutions” from the list of products. Later, you’ll be able to choose between custom vending and custom coffee. So, you can make your own vending machine and order it the way you want.

National Vending Machines by Major Crane

Here are the best Crane National vending machines in a few different categories:

Crane National Snack and Combo Vending Machines — Crane National 187 Merchant Media, Crane National 168, and Crane National 180. Merchant Media, Crane National 186. Merchant 4, Crane National 167, Crane National 472 Merchant Media Combo, Crane National 471 Merchant Media Combo, Crane National 497, and Crane National 181 The numbers are Merchant 6, Crane National 464, Crane National 158, and Crane National 148.

Crane National’s cold and frozen food vending machines are the Crane National 432, Crane National 431, and Crane National 455.

Crane National’s models of coffee and hot drink vending machines are the 673 and 677.

Conclusion on Most Reliable Vending Machine

Overall, this blog shows the most popular names of vending machines in the US, Japan, and China. Our list should help you choose the best vending machine for your needs.

You can also leave a comment below to tell us about your vending and dispensing adventures.

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