Used Vending Machines for Sale Under $500

For entrepreneurs on a limited budget, starting a vending machine business with used equipment is a viable approach. While professional vending machines can cost thousands per unit when new, secondhand units in working order can readily be found priced under $500.

Used Vending Machines for Sale Under $500

Purchasing affordable refurbished machines allows testing the vending business model with lower startup costs and risks. With careful inspection and smart purchases, used vending equipment provides an economical way to enter the industry and start earning passive income.

Tips on finding Used Vending Machines for Sale Under $500

Below we detail what to look for when buying top-performing used vending machines on a $500 or less budget.

Tips for Selecting Reliable Used Vending Machines

Consider the following when evaluating and purchasing inexpensive used vending equipment:

Inspect Condition – Carefully check for rust, dents, scratches, leaks, loose parts, frayed wires, and other signs of excessive wear before purchasing. Ensure parts are cleaned and well-maintained.

Vending Function – Test purchase every selection to confirm the machine dispenses properly. Check that coil motors turn appropriately.

Components – Try bill validator with small bills to confirm acceptance. Insert coins to check coin mechanism and change dispensing. Make sure key locks work.

Refrigeration – Have cooling machines run overnight then check compartment temperatures are appropriately cold the next day.

Electrical – Plug in and check for any smoking, sparks or odd smells indicating problems. Examine power cord sheathing for cracks.

Age – Look for machines 5-12 years old versus obsolete 20+ year old models needing more maintenance and hard to find parts.

Capacity – Higher capacity machines earn more. Look for 5-6 selection snack machines and 10-15 selection beverage machines.

Price – Factor in potential repair costs. Negotiate a fair price in working, usable condition. Don’t overpay for machines needing major repairs.

Best Used Vending Machines Under $500

Here are some of the most common and reliable used vending machines that can often be purchased for under $500:

Snack Machines

  • USI AbiliT UNR5 – 5 selection ambient snack vendor
  • Seaga VC3500 – 7 selection snack and candy machine
  • AP (Auto Products) 6 Selection Snack Machine – Quality basic vendor

Beverage Machines

  • AP 810-4G – Basic 4 selection soda machine
  • Royal 810 4 Selection Drink Machine – Similar basic cooler
  • Sanden Top Line 7 Selection Machine – Japanese-made reliability

Combo Units:

  • USI ATM3 Combo Vender – Good compact ambient/cold combo
  • Seaga Optimus CCM419 – Solid 4 selection vending unit
  • AP Combo 4 Selection Vendor – Basic inexpensive combo

Coffee Services:


  • Gumball Machines – Classic units with minor refurbs
  • Toy Capsule Machines – Fun bulk venders for small prizes
  • DVD Rental Machines – Dispense DVDs for rent, a unique option for video rental stores or libraries.
  • Pizza Vending Machines – Dispense hot pizza, a unique option for college campuses or late-night locations.
  • Healthy Vending Machines – Offer healthier snack options, a growing trend in the vending machine industry.
  • Used Snack and Drink Combos – A budget-friendly option for those looking for a versatile vending machine.
  • Refurbished Soda Machines – A classic option for businesses or personal use.
  • Bulk Vending Machines – Dispense items like stickers, toys, or candy in bulk, great for small businesses.


While buying pristine new equipment is ideal, for vendors on a tight startup budget, quality used vending machines available for less than $500 provide an affordable entry point. With careful inspection and smart purchases, secondhand units offer strong value and decent reliability to build a business. Then profits can be reinvested over time into upgrading equipment.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about buying used vending machines for under $500:

Q: What types of used vending machines can I find for under $500?

A: You can find used soda vending machine, ice vending machine, snack vending machines, gumball and capsule toy machines, coffee and cold food machines in the under $500 price range.

Q: What should I inspect when buying a used vending machine?

A: Check for rust, damaged parts, leaks, frayed wires, functioning payment systems, refrigeration if applicable, and test that the machine dispenses products properly.

Q: How old of a used vending machine is too old to buy?

A: Machines older than 15-20 years will likely have more maintenance needs and difficulty finding replacement parts.Aim for used machines 5-12 years old.

Q: What are signs a used machine won’t earn good profits?

A: Low capacity, inability to accept modern payment, lack of digital features, excessive repairs needed, and cosmetic damage that hurts branding and visibility.

Q: Is it risky to buy used machines for under $500?

A: If condition is thoroughly inspected first, used machines can provide solid value. Take time to assess repairs needed and factor that into your max price.

Q: What are the advantages of used vs new machines?

A: Used machines have lower upfront cost but higher potential repairs. New machines are more reliable but have higher startup cost.

Q: Where can I find used vending machines for sale under $500?

A: Online classifieds, auction sites, vending equipment dealers, refurbishers, and direct from other operators liquidating machines.

Q: Can I negotiate pricing on used machines?

A: Always negotiate to pay the lowest reasonable price based on machine condition. Pointing out flaws you’ll need to repair can help lower the price.

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